All of life is about growth. To never grow and never change would be to die. As human beings, we are constantly growing in a million different ways and in a million directions. ISO is all about searching. Searching for a life that is everything life should be.

My name is Jessie and I am a seeker; an explorer; an adventurer. Cubicles, monotony, and stagnation are my enemies! I love being creative and having fun. I write about things that get to me or things that make me think. When I don’t feel like I have a voice to say the things I want; I write. When everything around me feels chaotic; I write. When I’m full of passion and flying high; I write. When I’m sad and overwhelmed by life’s trials; I write.

ISO is for people who are in search of life. As I make my way through my life, I’ll share whatever I find helpful, thought provoking, or just plain entertaining on my journey. Feel free to comment, share, and dive in as we grow together! Many of us go through the same trials and struggles and it’s great to know we are never alone!


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